PUBLISHED BY Joshua Clare-Flagg ON 5 Feb, 2013.

Resizing a Monster Bracelet | How to Resize a Seiko Monster Bracelet


A friend of mine popped by today and asked if I could resize his Seiko Monster bracelet. I thought I’d document this simple but sometimes scary process.


What do you need?

A bracelet pin remover tool (available for a couple of quid from eBay)

Pliers (if required)




That’s all! The Monster’s links are unique. It works with a pin and collar system. One side is a long pin, and the other side is a small tube that slots onto the end of the pin. When they both get squeezed onto each other, they hold the link in place.


Removing the pins

This will release the bracket so you can remove links from either side if you require.

Firstly, find out which side the collar is located. Then you need to select a pin on your pin removal tool which is small enough to fit inside it. Then push out the pin from the collar side.

WARNING! The collar will now literally drop out of the end of the bracelet link, so make sure you retrieve it and put it in a safe place. These are VERY easy to misplace!



Once you have removed the needed links, the hard part comes: putting the bracelet back together!


Replacing the pins

Slide the pin into one end, and the collar into the other end, with each end sticking out slightly. Now, get a fatter pin on your pin removal tool. One that is wide enough to cover the whole link pin.


Use your pen on the collar pin, and the pin removal tool on the pin end. Now, push them both together at the same time so the collar slots over the end of the pin. Make sure they are together tightly and all the way in.



That’s it! Rather simple really. I hope this has helped.

8 thoughts on “Resizing a Seiko Monster Bracelet”

  1. Hi Joshua
    Bought the Orange Monster. Incredible quality and value. But the inevitable has happened. Took it to jewellers to get the bracelet resized and they didn’t put the collar back in on one of the pins. Watch nearly fell off! Just caught it in time. I’ve lost the spare collars too although there is one on the link they took out.
    What would you suggest I do? Take it back to jewellers so they can use the collar on the spare link, can I trust them? Or send it back to Seiko?
    I did look at your blog about DIY resizing but don’t have any tools.
    Love your website, read it all the time
    Best, John

  2. Thanks, this was a lifesaver. I have the tools and have taken out links many times before but didn’t know the monster bracelet was different and had the collar. I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out why the pins wouldn’t stay in. I couldn’t find the collars after removing links and then noticed there were four of them right around my tool I was using. Your trick in using the pen made it easy.

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