Published by Joshua Clare-Flagg on 4 Dec, 2019.

Earlier in the year, I reviewed the Indulou UNO, a neat and trendy way of displaying your watch on a surface.

With the new batch, they’ve made some improvements – so let’s take a look. Indulou has also released a new model; the SOLO.

The specs

  • Dimensions: UNO 9cm wide x 9cm deep x 10cm tall SOLO 6.5cm wide x 15cm deep (base), 23cm deep (top), 23.5cm tall
  • Material: brushed stainless steel & leather top
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: UNO €34.99 / SOLO €23.99
  • Buy here: UNO:, SOLO: and use code WIAA0015 for 15% off!

The video review


The latest iteration of the UNO boasts a new matte blasted finish, sleeker lines, and more tidy leather. It’s a simple, yet elegant solution to a table-top watch stand. It’s also adjustable thanks to the cut-outs which allow you to stretch or shrink the holder to fit the size of your wrist. Straight out the box, it just about fit my watches – I have a slightly over 7” wrist.


The new SOLO is actually my favoured out of the two, however, you can only use it with a watch with a traditional tang buckle. Just like the UNO, it’s a very clever, exceptionally simple solution to keeping a watch safe, but on show on your table or desk. It’s so easy to use, and looks terrific too; they also engraved my logo on it to show what’s possible.

Final comments

The UNO 2019 is a clear upgrade from before; everything is much better finished and neater. The new SOLO is a great addition to the line up too; it’s cheap and is really useful. I use them every day at work, which just goes to show that they’re actually rather handy! Highly recommended.

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