Published by Joshua Clare-Flagg on 10 Dec, 2019.

Have you ever glanced at your watch, and it looked to have stopped for that split second?

It’s happened to me for years, but I’ve never mentioned it. Maybe watches were playing mind games on me?

However, it’s actually a fairly regular occurrence, named the “stopped clock illusion” or “stopped watch illusion”. Or even, to be super technical, “chronostasis”. I attempt to explain this phenomenon in just a few minutes.

2 responses to “Ever felt like your watch has stopped? The “stopped watch illusion” explained”

  1. Brian Taylor says:

    Thanks Josh, never really noticed this illusion until now.

    Happens quite a bit since I’ve watched the video, 😫

    Never noticed on my phone, yet

    Best wishes for Christmas, look fwd to more reviews in the New Year.

  2. Redux Watch says:

    Thank you so much Joshua, I’ve watched the video.

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