Brathwait Classic Slim Steel Watch Review

My original Brathwait Classic Slim Quartz review has proved to be a real hit, as it consistently performs well as one of the top 5 reviews read every month.

That was their very first model, which was only available in rose gold. Now though, they’ve released a full stainless steel version. It’s only available with a leather strap, so it’ll cost you $185 rather than $150.

Let’s have a brief look to get acquainted with this alternative.

The main things to be aware of is that it’s exactly the same excellent quality as the original rose gold version – it’s simply a steel equivalent. It also features a better box and strap.


The box is much nicer than the original, an unusual square.

brathwait-auto-update-1.jpg brathwait-auto-update-2.jpg brathwait-quartz-update-1.jpg

The leather strap is very good, and features excellent quick-release pins making changing straps literally a doddle.

brathwait-quartz-update-13.jpg brathwait-quartz-update-7.jpg


As well as the case, the dial’s elements have been changed from rose gold too – so the hour markers and hands are all stainless steel.

brathwait-quartz-update-8.jpg brathwait-quartz-update-14.jpg


All in all, the Brathwait Classic Slim Steel is as enjoyable as the rose gold version, and for $185, it does still provide a lot of watch for the money. The finishing of the case is spot on, and the stand-out specs of sapphire crystal with impressive AR coating and Swiss movement mean it’s as superb as its brother.

brathwait-quartz-update-5.jpg brathwait-quartz-update-10.jpg brathwait-quartz-update-4.jpg


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    Hey Josh, I’m looking into buying a new watch. Love this style but seen that Daniel Wellington watches are VERY similar. Do you have any thoughts on the DW watches especially in comparison to Braithwait?

  2. 4

    Hi Joshua. I saw your website while I was searching for a new watch. Specifically Brathwait. But as you already know, the more I research, the more things blows my mind. There is just too much things going on in this industry for me to handle.
    I’m looking for a classic watch and I really loved the way Bratwaith looks. But it’s a little bit hard to buy it from my country (customs and taxes…), it’s a new brand and a question came to my head: “Do I want a quartz watch or my first mechanical one?” Then I found Orient Eminence (FDW08004B0). Surprisingly they both would cost me about the same. Of course Orient is a little bit expensive. Anyway I didn’t like its band but the watch itself is looking good. It doesn’t have the classic stylish look like Brathwait and looks a little bit thick. Moreover I don’t have enough knowledge about watches. So can you give your opinion? Mechanical watches are worth trying?

  3. 6

    Hi Joshua, how did you get the steel accented light & medium brown leather bands seen in the video? Brathwait only has the one dark brown leather band currently available.

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