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The £500-£1000 price bracket contains some of the best value for money watches in existence, and it would class as “entry-level luxury”. It’s the perfect balance of the best specs you can get, with superior build quality, whilst still being an attainable purchase for many, financially. You shouldn’t settle for anything less than a tried-and-tested bulletproof movement, preferably mechanical, alongside flawless build quality and impressive craftsmanship. Sapphire crystals are a given, unless it’s a vintage inspired piece that could be loaded with acrylic. Browse watch reviews featuring stunning photography and videos of the best watches under £1000 below.

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Christopher Ward C9 Big Day Date (BDD) Watch Review

June 26, 2014

Christopher Ward’s flagship Harrison range is becoming quite the impressive lineup. They all have customised movements in some form or another, being the Jumping Hour, Worldtimer, Mono Pusher, and...

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