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Watch reviews under £100

Watches under £100 are extremely value driven. To be completely honest, it’s difficult to find a truly outstanding watch in this price range – but you can still get some watches that offer superb value for money. You can find watches under £100 with a mechanical movement, but these will likely be cheaper movements with low spec and little regulation. It would be good to aim for a sapphire crystal, but mineral is much more likely. The leather straps tend to be cheap and I’d recommend sourcing a replacement, which would do wonders for a watch. Browse watch reviews featuring stunning photography and videos of the best watches under £100 below.

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Parnis Sterile Submariner Homage Watch Review

February 11, 2013

Ahh, the Rolex Submariner. The watch every watch would love to be. One that is timeless in design and is the epitome of success (if you own one, that...

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Sterile Big Pilot B-Uhr Parnis Watch Review

The Big Pilot style of watch has been around since the 1940’s, when the Luftwaffe pilots were supplied with Beobachtungsuhr (B-Uhr) watches. Since then, the style has barely changed...

February 3, 2013


£0 - £100

Skeleton Panerai PAM Homage Watch Review (Parnis)

This Panerai homage watch is a stunning example of how far Chinese watch making has come. Panerai (or PAM) homages and replicas are widely available and also are pretty...

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