Published by Joshua Clare-Flagg on 9 Jul, 2019.

Would you seriously buy this Thomas Earnshaw Longcase instead of an Omega? An Oris? A Longines? At an RRP of £3250, that’s exactly who they’re up against. Even with my 30% off everything code WIAA30, it’s still £2275, which is too much for this watch.

There’s no doubt about it, it’s a seriously beautiful watch – and it is Swiss Made, and has a great automatic chronograph movement in the Sellita SW500. Their pricing of it, however, is surely going to ensure that no-one will buy one; if it was priced at around the £1000 mark then I’d have a completely different viewpoint of it.

The specs

The video review

One response to “Thomas Earnshaw Longcase Watch Review”

  1. Steponbugs says:

    Nice build.
    Cheesy design.
    $2800 USD? Good thing they only have to sell 280 of them.

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