PUBLISHED BY Joshua Clare-Flagg ON 14 Jan, 2013.

In football (soccer for you over the pond! 8) ) a perfect hat-trick is when you score three goals. One with your left foot, one with your right foot, and one with your head. This demonstrates the sheer skill the goalscorer has by the fact that it doesn’t matter what predicament he may be in, he can and will score.

I believe I have in my eyes, a perfect hat-trick of CW’s. The C5, C60, and C11 offer such a perfect range of styles I believe that one could fit any predicament I may come across.

The C5 covers the classic dress watch perfectly (the galvanised dial is beautiful), and is the one to wear whilst donning a suit. The C60 is more of a casual work/dress watch, with it’s great design which balances dive and sport amazingly well. The C11 I feel is a great every day casual watch.

3 watches, all bases covered.
Dive, sport, classic, dress, and aviator.

So my question is: what is your favourite hat-trick of watches?

Of course this post is nothing without pics!

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