Published by Joshua Clare-Flagg on 13 May, 2016.

Yesterday I spoke to Mike France, co-founder of Christopher Ward, to discuss the rebranding and the future of the company.

Listen to our discussion by watching the YouTube video below.

The main highlights of the interview are:

  • Rebrand is due to merger with SH
  • New SH21 complication (power reserve) launching in Nov at Salon QP
  • SH21 bridging and rotor will feature the Swiss / England flag pattern engraved on
  • This will also be on the crowns of all watches once finalised (new C65 is unsigned as couldn’t get it all done in time apparently)
  • New case for all dress watches (likely the C9 case remade)
  • They’ve been getting many positive comments directly rather than on social media
  • The font chosen “LL Brown” has a deeper meaning than just looking modern; it has history connecting Switzerland and Britain
  • They’ve dropped the London as they started in Soho but haven’t been based there for many years
  • Their customer base focus age group hasn’t really changed
  • The logo in an arc at 12 on the dial of the front page of Loupe magazine is likely going to be used on the rotors

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