Published by Joshua Clare-Flagg on 2 Aug, 2019.

I don’t come across great watches for under $100 too often anymore… it seems those days are long gone. However, ocassionally you get pleasantly surprised by a cheap watch that you weren’t expecting too much from – such as this Miléneal Prestige. The sunray blue dial is beautiful and it’s a great all-round vintage inspired dress watch for not a lot of money. Plus, the milanese strap is only $20 which I feel is bonkers. Watch the review to learn more!

The specs

The video review

One response to “Mileneal Prestige Ocean Blue (Quartz) Watch Review”

  1. Richard Frost says:

    Have you ever noticed how poorly the second hand indexes to the marks on the dial? A common problem with quartz watches ,They don’t hit the marks on the dial. Lifespan of quartz is poor with low parts count. Running contantly wears them out quickly.
    On your next review of a quartz watch notice the indexing.

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