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G. Gerlach Otago Review Gallery

One response to “G. Gerlach Otago Review Gallery”

  1. PiotrM says:

    I recommend to avoid this producer at all costs. I bought Submarine from them and it broke after 1st month , sent for repairs to Gerlach and after a month without any information I have tried to contact them via FB, mail and phone. After a week of such tries they picked up my phone and told me that the problem was with wrong watch case shape, it blocked mechanism. Same day I have got reply on FB, they told me that the issue was because somebody dropped package during transport and seconds hand was bent and blocked mechanism. It was obvious lie, they tried to blame post for bad quality of their products.
    After 10 months my Submarine broke again, this time crown broke and could not be inserted back to case. I have sent it again to Gerlach but no one pick up parcel for two weeks. I have contacted them via FB and they told me that they have new address. When I have stated that I have used address from their page, they changed it (I have a screen of their page before change to get proof) and told me that they have new good address on page. Again they lied to me.
    So I decided to sent them watch back because I really don’t need a watch which has quality of cheap crap one in such high price. So far no answer from Gerlach and probably I will have to go to court. I have read few stories in polish watches forums, each time Gerlach avoided to repair their products, avoided contacts with customer and claimed that products were damaged during transport. I am living in Poland so I can go to court eventually as mentioned but what will you do? What will you do if your watch will broke? My advice is to avoid them, there are much better watchmakers on market.

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