PUBLISHED BY Joshua Clare-Flagg ON 15 Jul, 2015.

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Brathwait have updated their Minimalist Automatic in three ways – the date window, the box, and the leather straps.

Watch the video below to see all these details in real life (I always think a video gives a better perspective).

Apparently, a number of potential buyers have been in contact with Brathwait concerning the rough date window I pointed out in my review of their Minimalist Automatic review.

Well, I’m pleased to say that Brathwait have worked hard to resolve this issue!

Now, rather than a plain cut straight out of the dial, the date window is surrounded by a delicately executed border. It has a bevelled edge, which means the top level of the dial smoothly reduces to the level of the date window. It is obviously a million times better than before, and very well done to them for making the effort to correct it.


But that’s not all they’ve updated.

The box is now a pleasant affair, providing a pleasing opening experience.

brathwait-auto-update-1.jpg brathwait-auto-update-2.jpg brathwait-auto-update-3.jpg

Finally, the leather straps are now available in 4 different colours.

brathwait-auto-update-5.jpg brathwait-auto-update-7.jpg

And if that’s not good enough, they now also include quick release spring bars – which in my opinion should be on every single watch going as they’re brilliant. They literally make changing a strap a doddle, and something you can do in 30 seconds without damaging your watch.

brathwait-auto-update-6.jpg brathwait-auto-update-12.jpg

So all in all, they’ve done a great job in making an already excellent value for money watch even better!

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